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Beverly Hills Premier Jewelry Store

Owned by best friends Morgan Goldstein and Lily Shimmerman, Victoria’s Custom Jewelry has been the trusted, local jewelry store in Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding areas. For more than 12 years, our first-class jewelry pieces have been a huge part of our clients’ lives. With our excellent craftsmanship and commitment to quality customer service, you’ll never regret making us your chosen jewelers.

Superior Jewelry Craftsmanship

We don’t just craft premium-quality jewelry that last for generations. Our highly experienced jewelers make sure that all our pieces are uniquely designed. Every single piece in our collection is produced with hand-picked materials and our customers’ happiness in mind. Our passion for creating outstanding jewelry drives us to produce nothing but the most fashionable pieces that suit your needs.

Consult Our Jewelry Designers Today

Discuss your ideas with our designers at Victoria’s Custom Jewelry. You may show us your own design sketch or we can help you come up with a unique draft. Make an appointment for a visit to our jewelry store by giving us a call.